Measurement Units and Additional Data on Map Page Completed
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Compass screen display
1 vote 1 comment
coordinate format will not change
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Display accurate GPS altitude, relative to EGM96 Completed
7 votes 3 comments
Don't rotate scale ruler when tilting map
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zooming in without changing maps Completed
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easy way to delete all downloaded maps
5 votes 13 comments
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Map suggestion: BLM Completed
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waypoint tools Planned
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Does it works for Australia?
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Speed and compass on map screen Completed
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[Support] which Verizon Droid phone works best for airplane-mode-gps
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estimate how much space map downloads will take Completed
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Ability to turn off the display and let the program run.
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What is the size of the map cache? How can I change it?
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Usgs Aerial maps on Backcountry Navigator for my droid X wil not work
2 votes 11 comments
GPS point averaging.
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draw trail Completed
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Pausing tracks Completed
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My tracks are empty
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Satellite View Completed
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Storage root change. Featured
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jitter on compass and high zoom
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Delete places in find list.
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<rte> tag in GPX Planned
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Can I download the maps for an entire state?
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NAD27 datum Completed
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