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  • Alan Winston



    I am a user and fan of both BackCountry navigator and Pebble, and would love to see the former support the latter.

    I believe I saw where the latest Pebble API supports vector graphics? If so, that could make it much more interesting for you.

    Pebble doesn't currently support payment for apps, but it is possible to charge for the associated Android app, and I would not hesitate to pay.


    Best wishes

  • Bill Price

    Not only would I like to use my Pebble to monitor BCN data, but there aren't any good hiking/nav programs currently available in the Pebble store.  I bet BCN sales would benefit from a presence in the Pebble store. 

  • Nathan

    This article says that Android Wear Apps should work automaticall with Pebble.,news-20457.htm

    Therefore you should already see it.

    Is that true or are the people writing these articles just full of baloney?


  • Bill Price
    I installed Android Wear (AW) on my phone from Google Play.  I was not able to connect the Pebble to AW through the AW interface.  In the Pebble interface, I selected Notifications > Other apps / All apps.  I selected the box next to AW and the box next to BCN.  I then went outside, launched GPS and started a new track in BCN.  I did not get any notifications from BCN to my Pebble.  
    Loading AW has made other notifications act erratically.  Other website question the successful link between Pebble and AW.  
    Typically in Pebble, you have to go through the Pebble app interface to enable notifications from any Pebble-approved apps.  Of course, BCN does not show up in the Pebble interface as a Pebble app.  
    So for now I'd lean toward your "baloney"  assessment unless someone can show me how to make it work.  BTW, I have the original ($99) Pebble, not the new Pebble Time.  
  • Bill Price

    If it were working correctly, BCN should be able to send to Pebble any information created on the Stat Screen.  LOVE BCN, works great, but it would be nice to access hiking data without having to retrieve my phone.  

  • Jeff Wilson

    Correct, the Tom's Hardware Guide article is complete baloney. This is the biggest missing feature for me.

    I'd love to offer my skills as a software engineer to see this added! I have my own LLC and have no problems signing NDA's.

  • Jeff Wilson

    I'm STILL looking for this support. I've heard zero updates. Can something please be done? Is there any way I can contribute?

    My girlfriend and I (both Pebble Time and BackCountry Navigator customers) are about to resume backpacking for the year and this feature would be great!

  • Mike Jordan

    I read through this thread and it does not appear Pebble works with BCN. I am looking for an off road navigation app. BCN is at the top of my list, but one big determining factor will be if BCN will work with Pebble. I refer to my watch on Google Nav, more than my phone. And my job sends me to 2-3 places that I have never been, every working day. Within the last week (more recent than any post) I have received a Pebble update that included "some" Android Wear functionality. Not sure what the "some" means.

    Could anyone here report if the update allowed BCN to work on Pebble?

  • Jeff Wilson

    Still no support whatsoever.

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