• Brad Boyle

    Can't wait until this comes out for iPhone. Almost the only thing keeping me from switching to an iPhone is I don't want to give up BCN!

  • Eric Alcorn
    When is this going to happen I love this app so with hunting and scouting around the corner I would like to get it back on my phone iPhone 4s
  • R pett
    I too was pretty disappointed when I discovered I could no longer utilize backcountry now that I've switched to an iPhone. Please make available to iOS users soon!
  • Kye thompson
    I too have loved this app and made me upset when I found that it was not available for my iphone. PLEASE MAKE IT AVAILABLE SOON FOR THE IPHONE!!!
  • Nathan

    At the moment, we don't have adequate funding to be able to take this app to the iOS. Our profits have not been high enough to raise these funds as of yet. 

  • Steve Edmonds
    When my contract is up next March I will be going back to droid. Will my app still be available to go back on my phone?
  • Nathan

    I am posting a three question survey that will help us determine our priorities in iOS development.

    Take it here:


  • Ben N-W

    Is an iPhone version of BCN still in the works?  If so, is there a guess at a release date?

  • Richard Wilson
    Great use for an old iPhone not on contract.
    Although IOS already has a great app, which seems usable, ít helps by not having to relearn an interface....
  • Richard Wilson
    Would be able to use old IPad and phones.

    Forgot to mention in survey, would need to support old version of IOS, 4.x.
  • Nicholeandreasen
    If you don't have an android how do you track family on a hike when they are using the BCN??? There has to be a way around it😊
  • Titson Aritz

    Ive ya ever get to getting Back County Navigator to work on iphones that would be awesome, the next best one that works on an iphone just aint as good as BCN when i had it on a MotoX

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