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Pacific Crest Trail in 2014



  • Rick Clark

    Hi Nathan,

    I tried this on my Samsung SG3 phone and Samsung Tab 2 7" wifi. On the SG3 phone it asked if I wanted to import it using BCNav first and I selected it. I named a new trip package for it and waited...... I got the message that import was complete and touched the message and it took me to BCNav. I had another trip already loaded so I wanted to switch to another trip database and could not locate the new one I had just created. I tried downloading to the Tab 2 and was asked if I wanted to use my browser (Firefox) to download it or import it into BCNav. I selected the browser and then was asked if I wanted to use BCNav to import it which I selected. When the download was completed I touched the message and BCNav launched and I changed the trip and was able to find the new one I had just created. The tracks and waypoints look great.When I retried this on the SG3 phone it worked like it did on the tablet and all is fine. Good practice. Thanks. Rick Clark

  • Terry Meyer

    Hello Nathan,

    I followed this procedure to load to my old but functional Droid Bionic.  After an extended period the Import Finished message indeed appeared.  I touched the message and was taken to BCN. Unfortunately, there was no track displayed.  The waypoints and tracks list was blank, as well.  I attempted this twice: Once into my existing PCT database and once into a new database following the guidance above exactly.  No joy either time.  I located the files (khTemp_XX.kmz , where XX is a sequence of numbers) in the Device storage>Download folder.  I tried again to import them to BCN with no joy. I then tried to import the some of the same files into Earth, again without success.  When the same procedure was used to download the waypoints to Earth on my PC they imported as expected.  Can you provide any insight as to why the import isn't working on my Bionic?

  • Nathan

    If they won't import into Earth either, then they are not coming down correctly. I have no idea why.

    Are you advanced enough that you can transfer the files from your PC to android?

    And how old is your bionic? Is it using Android 2.1?


  • Nathan

    Here is another thing to try:

    You can long click on the link and choose Save as or something similar. You can then use Menu->Trip Data->Importing GPX or KML to browse to the file.

  • Robert Dodson (Overkillhiker)

    I have created an entire resupply point to to resupply point database saved under bcnav for the root directory for Backcountry Navigator Pro, of the PCT, with maps and saved to Cloud Data and to micro SD Card if anyone's interested. I plan on using this on my bid for a thru-hike of the PCT beginning mid March 2015 starting at the southern terminus. I first downloaded the waypoints from Halfmiles in .gbd format, then customized my resupply points through my Garmin software, then found an online site that converted those individual routes into .gpx, then transferred them to my micro SD card to a file created especially labeled for it so I could find them and import them into the Backcountry Navigator program and then download maps and saved the maps to where the maps names matched the waypoint data Tracks. That way when I'm out there all I have to do is switch to the next track and next matching named Map and off I go! I used the "Accuterra Maps" which seem to be the best and most updated maps. You can't go wrong with Halfmiles Data either, he did a great job and I commend him for his effort to make sure every person hiking the PCT can find the resources they need as fast and as easy as possible. If you have any questions text me at 509-202-7936 or email me at


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