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Latest on USGS Color Aerials


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  • John Kowalski

    I live in northern NV and find Mapquest and the USGS color areal more accurate that the US Topos and Accuterra.  For example I   spent the day fishing about 20 miles ESE or Bridgeport CA and the US Topos and Accuterra  would indicate  that was not near the river when I was fishing.  Both aerials  show me to be in or near the river correctly.  Also near my house near Gardnerville, NV,  when I go for a bike ride,  Accuterra  has the roads correct, but shows my garage (my starting and ending point) to be about 150 feet south of where it is and in the middle of another guys drive.  Since these are the only two places where I have checked the accuracy of AccuTerra, and both are apparently incorrect, I am disappointed in it and will always cross check with Mapquest


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