Changes in AccuTerra Maps




  • Allen Eugene Davis

    I like the way you keep us informed and work to keep your "and our" software up to date and leading edge with improvements. You commented that you are getting some hate mail and other negative email. Don't let it get you down. The majority of us are mature enough to understand that you have worked hard to make it as good as it is and I say THANKS for a job well done.

  • Tom Jacoby

    Nathan and crew, you are doing an outstanding job! I use BCN every day in my real estate business, and don't know how we ever managed without BCN. But now you've outdone yourself with the new USTopo/AccuTerra hybrid maps. This hybrid map is perfect for helping customers understand the lay of the land, before we leave the office. I can't imagine how you could make this app better, but have no doubt that you will. Thank you! -=Tom=-

  • Nathan

    It appears there are some issues with the new servers as of Saturday evening, Jan 12th.

    The issues cleared up as of Sunday morning, Jan 13th. 

    According to a report from Neotreks, you all were very enthusiastic this first week and generated a large number of hits. 

  • Theobick

    I am now getting Accuterra and also Hybrid:CalTopo with Accuterra maps up to zoom level 20, although they only seem useful op to level 17. the Hybrid maps are useful and very nice.

  • Kerry Emmerson

    I should not subscribe for updates etc, from my PC but from my mobile device from which I will be using the app most. Right?

  • Nadatoy

    Trying to download right now (for the last 3 days) and those servers seem to be problematic as I am stuck at 87%....

  • Nadatoy

    The Accuterra servers...

  • Patrick Caple

    Accuterra servers seem to suck from my experience...

  • Keith Conover
    I just found a major error in the Aftercare on map. In the Catskill area of New York. How do I report it?

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