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  • Nathan

    It is, I believe, bcnav/openandro, but you can change it to bcnav/atlases.

  • Dave P

    Interesting,,,that folder does not exist in my case. Thanks.

  • Nathan

    I changed my mind. I think it starts out as bcnav/atlases and I changed it in the example - since you can do that. 

  • Andy Dungan

    I finally got around to checking this out. Thanks so much for doing this. The problem of what do I do when I forget maps (or I'm randomly traveling) is now solved. Eventually I will just download all the maps for US & Canada. I also downloaded all the same data for the roads only data we got access too a year or two ago (which is great because of the small file sizes). Well done! And since OpenAndroMaps is European based we now have a worldwide solution for much smaller sized topo maps.

  • Lonerock44
    Are you still attempting to incorporate Elevate 3 in Map Styles for BCN or has this been dropped ?
  • Nathan

    Elevate 3 should work as of 5.8.8 version. There could still be some things to be worked out.

    I don't know when the 3 themes will have a button for BackCountry Navigator, but you can use "Download Normal Version" in the meantime and it will work. I will reach out to the site once I confirm it works for you.

  • Andy Dungan
    I have been using the open android maps now for a couple of months. This is such a great solution! I have all of the US and Canada on my SD card. Theopen android vector maps provide me 95-99% of what I need and use so much less space. Well done on this!
  • Wilhelm

    Looking really great. I downloaded Switzerland and the Style Elevate 2. But as soon as i zoom in, the app closes after a few seconds without a crashreport :-(

  • Nathan

    The mapsforge people tell me its still not safe to use multiple threads with their library, even though it looked like they were ready. I am making some changes.


  • Nathan

    I hope it will all be working smoothly for everyone now.


  • SoutheastBackpacker

    Finally got around to trying this & it was an easy process.  Great to have backup source in case I get outside the area I downloaded on another map.

  • Brian Dawson

    These maps are great.  I donated to help the cause.

  • Menard_Lapue

    Hi. I don't know if this place is still populated, but...

    Can someone explain in plain language how I can put topo maps on an android tablet without downloading tiles. That is just too much work. I would rather download already prepared maps.

    I have full sets of maps on the office computers, so could do something there if need be, but what I really want to do is just download topos in the areas I work - Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona - for example. I definitely need to be offline when I use these.


  • Nathan

    THIS *is* the page for explaining how to put already prepared maps on an Android tablet. Look up near the top.

    This is the process in video form.

  • Menard_Lapue

    Nathan, I think I missed something here. When I got to the step at 12 seconds - open, well - the site is in German and doesn't look like the video. I couldn't hear any sound, and I am not sure there is any. So what do I do now? It looks easy enough if I can get to the places in the video, plus English would be a bonus.

  • Brian Dawson

    Menard,  The URL for Open Andro Maps has /en on the end to bring up the english version of the site. If you copied or typed the URL you must have left the /en off the end but you can always click the "Union Jack" or U.K. flag at the top right of the page for the English version of the site.  You want to navigate to the Map Downloads for Countries and Regions page.  Here is the link for the USA.

    This page should look like the one in the video.  Maybe not exact but close enough to follow along.  Also, the Youtube video linked by Nathan yesterday has sound.  You might want to check the settings on your device if you are unable to hear the audio.

  • Susie Amann

    This is a fantastic resource - thanks for the link. 

    I have downloaded more than 4 maps and am now finding it impossible to get to them all.  

    They are all stored in /atlases as I can see them when my phone is connected to the pc. 

    When I click on 'Browse' , I am taken to the 'download' location, and when I try and navigate via the file structure ,the closest I can get is /sdcard/android/data/com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license/files and then I can't drill down any further. 

    Can you help? Thanks


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