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  • Keith Conover

    I have an HTC One (M8). It doesn't have any capacity for external storage. I am running low on storage. I have a lot of downloaded maps, which I want to keep if possible. I mostly use downloaded maps. So I figured I could clear out the bcnav/tiles folder to make some room. I was going to delete everything in this directory... but then when I looked in there, I saw many subdirectories with different names, so I was hesitant lest I break something by deleting all those subdirectories. Can I delete all of these folders and their contents with impunity? And on a related note, why not have a "delete tile cache" button somewhere in the bcnav menu hierarchy?Thanks.

  • Dan

    Hi Keith,


    If you want to totally delete the map tiles you downloaded - you can delete the folders inside "data" and "tiles" - these contain only map tiles downloaded on either your map folder  or on the main tile cache. 


    Please be sure to backup those files if you intend to use them in the future.




  • Dan



    Erratum. I meant the "archives" folder and not data.





  • Keith Conover

    Thanks, Dan. Deleted everything in Tiles and now my cache is empty (as expected) and I have a lot more room on my phone.

    I may be wrong in this, but

    On the Map Layers menu > Download history > Click downloaded Map > Delete

    allows you to delete specific areas that you have manually downloaded. If you want to delete stuff downloaded automatically via an internet connection and cached, you have to manually delete everything in the "Tiles" folder. It would be nice to have a menu option to "Clear Cache" to do this without having to use a file manager.

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