Associating (Taking) Pictures for Waypoints




  • Dave Turk

    I use "One Note" a lot. One thing I really like is that when I take a picture it stays with the "One Note" database period. I do not have to worry about the photos in my gallery, if I move or delete them. If I break my phone or tablet I simply reload the app, sign in and viola all my stuff appears. It would be very helpful if we could use Skydrive or similar as the location for the pictures and it would be very easy to do so if we could change the location that the camera stores the pictures when taking a picture for a waypoint. Let me know what you think.



  • Dan

    Hi Dave,


    Thanks for your suggestion. I have moved this to our features request thread here:


    please like this post/thread to be updated on the possible future development of this feature.





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