Choosing Storage




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    Gil W0MN EN34rb
    well, you could root the device and get access but that is a very advanced thing.
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    Andy Wright

    I'm researching whether I can use an OTG cable and a thumb drive to store maps.  From what I read here, it looks feasible.

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    Mark Finlay

    Did you get anywhere Andy Wright, with your attempts to use an OTG cable and thumb drive? 

    I have been trying to do the same thing without success. I can see the drive in the 6.0.1 file manager and in ES File manager but I can't see it  in BCN. Going through Storage Options then Storage Root then Browse, it is not one of the options available and I can't see a way to enter the path manually.

    Has anyone managed to use an OTG thumb drive for map storage?



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    holly trowland

    I have changed my storage to a external SD card but when I download map tiles and look at the internal storage on my android settings, it looks like the map is being downloaded to internal storage still. Why is this?

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