Creating Waypoints




  • Owen Rasmussen

    Hi!  Today I got out for hiking season and was trying to use some features.  One of them was creating a waypoint, and in it there was a camera logo.  It let me take a picture and then it returned me to the program.  I assumed that picture would be linked to the waypoint, but afterwards I couldn't figure out how to select the waypoint from the map.  I did eventually select if from the list but there was only an option to edit, not to view any other data.  Even when I clicked on that I couldn't see the picture I had taken.  I didn't see it on my phone anywhere either.  Can you explain that feature to me?  Also, how come I couldn't select the current waypoint on the map (using the plus method)?  It only was allowing me to add a new one.  Thanks so much.

  • Max Johnson
    I am having the same issue as above. How can I see my pictures? I can't find them on my phone. Thanks!
  • Chris Cote
    I have the same trouble..what's the point of taking a picture of a waypoint if its not attached to said waypoint for future viewing.
  • Dan


    When you go to your waypoints/tracks list - click on the particular waypoint and it should open up with several options, including the 1. Camera and 2. Gallery icon - if you click the gallery icon, it should open up your default picture viewer and load the picture associated with the specific waypoint.




  • Brendan

    Hi, I've had the same trouble with saving pictures within waypoints. We use Samsung tablets, and there seems to be an issue with turning the tablet from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. It essentially loses the picture within the waypoint (but not in the camera roll) and sometimes the waypoint name reverts back to the default (current time). We've found that if you hold it horizontally the entire time it seems to save everything correctly. However, I would like if this was corrected because we work with volunteers and we don't want them to have to return every time to check if the photo took. Also, the fact that the photos are named with no rhyme or reason, and certainly not sequentially, can be a problem. A sequential naming protocol would be much appreciated.

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