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not tracking when screen off



  • Richard Greenwood

    On my Pixel 3 running Android 10:

    Settings > Apps & notifications > Backcountry Navigator Pro > Location> * Allow all the time

    This was turned off and I don't believe that I turned it off.

  • Mark Taylor

    Same problem on a Pixel3 running Android 10.  Thanks for posting this, I also had to to turn on "Allow all the time".   Not tested yet, but seems like this will fix the problem.  

  • Gragus

    I also had the same problem, just found this post. Will test the solution tomorrow and report back.
    orrow and report back.


    The granular permission (Allow location all the time vs. Only while using the app) is a relatively new Android feature. From Android's perspective this setting correctly defaulted to the safer "only while using the app" when this was introduced by the OS. However, for BackCountry Nav this is not the right choice. I suspect that the majority of existing users will be affected. The app should check for the correct permission-setting being selected when GPS track recording begins and ask for the appropriate permission if necessary.

    Personally, I screwed up several GPS tracks and spent over an hour researching online. I was about to abandon BackCountry Nav altogether. Please address this limitation!

    P.S. Otherwise, I love the app and am recommending it to friends!

  • Eric M

    Hi, I have a Pixel 3XL and it seems like this setting gets flipped back to "Allowed only when in use" after my phone updates itself. Annoying, but I am able to change it back and get working again. 

    After this latest update of the Pixel, I can no longer choose "allowed all the time" for this app. 

    Will there be an update to the app to allow this? Or does anyone have another suggestion to get this working?



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