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BCN stops tracking after Android 10 update



  • Gordon

    Seems to be happening to me also.  Pixel 2X, Android 10 Track recording worked fine for several years on my old 2 XL, and has not worked since I got a replacement phone.  I can't be completely sure that it is related to Android 10 but this seem like a similar situation.

    Thanks Plridgway that worked. Notice it is a setting in Android, not in the BCN app.

  • Plridgway

    Similar of not same problem for me also began after Android 10 update on my Pixel 1:  Tracking only happens with app open.  tracking stops when screen is locked (tracking wont happen with phone in pocket), but resumes with next track point in my new position, only when I open the phone. This problem was solved in settings>location> by setting BCN to "Allowed all the time".  it will not work if you "Allow only while in use".   While in use" seems to mean only while the app is open with the phone open/screen on.


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