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Voice annotation to long press waypoint adds



  • James Reinholm

    It's already possible to record audio anytime you create a waypoint. When you long press on a point, a waypoint information screen will open automatically, where you can change the waypoint name, enter a description, take a photo, and record audio.

    When you check the waypoint later by long pressing on it, a pop-up label will automatically appear on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on this label to open the waypoint information screen. Then tap the PLAY AUDIO button to play back the recording for that waypoint. It takes a little longer with three clicks instead of one, but at least you won't forget why you marked a particular spot.

  • Boyan Boyanov

    Yes, but this requires me to take my eyes off the road and press additional buttons. I would. Like to have the functionality embedded into the "long press to create waypoint" feature. When marking waypoints while driving (I do photography as a hobby) I would rather not pull off to the side of the road every time I need to mark.


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