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load .gpx or trip as overllay -READ ONLY




  • Jnwarren
    I would really like to have this feature also. I have a verry large file of trails in the smokys an another of campsites. I would like to have these as a base, plan a trip, then record other points all to seperate file. It is hard to find trip data in verry large files, it takes a lot of storage to create a new file with the base data, an takes quite a bit of time to import.
  • Matt

    To follow up on our conversation. I would like to have the ability to create layers that might contain tracks, waypoints or polygons. The main point behind these layers would be to have them be able to toggle on and off on any trip DB.

    I would like the ability to populate the layer with data imported from gpx, kml, or kmz.
  • Matt

    I envision these layers working just like the BLM land ownership addon.
  • gareth short

    This is exactly what I'm looking for as well. I would like to add boundaries and tracks that are not available as add-ons. I have .kml and .kmz files that I can import but display no useful information. Any updates on this feature?


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