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Prepackaged Maps?




  • Scatter

    This is a super idea Nathan!! Personally, I would be interested in entire State, or portion thereof packages. If this doesn't happen in the not too distant future, I'm going to have to buy a tablet that will let me download to it's removable card. Or, if you can come up with a way for us users to download maps on a Windows PC, I can then move them over to the tablet card.

    You've got a SUPER app here and I use it all the time in the mountains and deserts of California, Oregon and Nevada. Never leave home without it.


  • Bob Palin

    I would be interested in buying a whole state map (Utah) but that does depend on the trade offs in quality. Understand that it would be rather large (!) but I wish I could buy a full detailed map, perhaps on DVDs,  then transfer the pieces to my phone that I want to use - this would reduce the strain on your servers as well. The current method of highlighting an area is very inconvenient for larger areas.

  • Lew Kittle

    I like the idea of doing the Pacific Crest Trail would be good.  You might do it by state to reduce the size of the download.

  • Wayne Horrobin

    A full map of New Zealand would be great. I use this app when adventure riding through the country so I have to often try to remember where the limits of the current downloaded areas are. Because it is quite mountainous in places the cell coverage is unreliable.

    A great app!



  • rjvander
    I'd bet there is a huge market for mapped hunting zones . I would be willing to pay for prepackaged zones. Rob
  • Rockcreek

    Either state maps or regional maps( northwest, west,southwest,etc.) would be great and charging $10 to $20 per map would be fine. Being able to download maps, or portions of them, from a pc, dvd or flash drive as some have proposed would probably even be better in terms of limiting the amount of data to a reasonable quantity while maintaining quality. I agree that the current method of highlighting areas to downloaded is extremely time consuming. I hike in areas covering two or three states and this requires almost constant downloading to cover the areas where I will or possibly might be hiking. Having a quick way to download would save me hours. This would be like buying an sd card with maps for a garmin. Hopefully something similar can be adapted for the BC app.

  • Hiyagb55
    U.S. forest service maps by state or district would be GREAT! These maps cover areas that seldom have cell coverage
  • Edward Gerety

    You could actually wind up selling a bunch of these.  There are lots of ways to find the most used areas.  I'd start by looking at the US Park Service.  It's possible to find the most visited parks and start there.  It's probably possible to find out what are the best selling National Geographic maps of parks.  Where are your customers in the US?  I'd buy a flash drive.

  • Et Bandit

    Excellent idea! A full Topo map of New Zealand (the likes of this: ) would be great. Im always out of range in the NZ backcountry for downloading maps.

    A full topo map of Australia, or a least the individual states would be most welcome too!

    I would most definitely pay for such maps at $10-$20.

  • Gordy Carlson

    I would certainly pay a fee for a  preloaded state map (in my case...New York)

  • Robert Johnson

    Definitely interested if there is enough detail and not too many "tradeoffs in quality". State maps by either county or sectioning off the state would be great. I have downloaded areas for my state of Arizona and it is a long process. Downloading a purchased map set would be well worth it.

  • Piers Lehmann

    I for one would be  very interested and willing to pay for a NZ topo pack download. divided into a south and north island  set of packs. amazingly useful while 4x4'ing



  • Alan

    You might want to consider doing a "National Parks" type of pre-load.  National Geographic's Topo! did something like that.  Some of these areas are pretty big (ex: Death Valley), but even summed together they probably don't amount to more than a couple of GB.

  • Rockcreek

    I was wondering about having some OSMs (Open Street Maps).  I know that BC currently has some with topos but perhaps some less detailed version would work.  I've download open street map map packages my my state and the adjacent state.  It's around 44 to 240 mb to load each state . These maps don't show topography but at least they are useful when out of cell range. Perhaps having OSM state maps with at least some added topography would be the ticket.  I would be okay with downloading 500 mb to 1 g for each state.

  • Nathan

    For the Vector OpenStreetMap angle, see this related topic:

  • Mountianman357m
    It would be great to get a good detailed preloaded topo map of a whole state or even in sections. I would use it with map overlays like the BLM and GUM overlays. I already have blm an lake contours overlays for my state and use them with the small sections l download and it works great for hunting.
    I hunt all over the state so downloading little sections at a time takes a lot of time so l would definitely pay to get whole or sectional topo maps.
    And I would pay even more if it showed forest service, state and federal land highlighted in different shades. This would be
    great for hunters fishers and recreational users. I would get it and I know a lot of other people who would to.
    As far as price goes a good gps costs $400 and a good paper map that shows forest service and state costs $20 and you need both to show you are at.
    So anything less than $50 is cheap for something that can do both those things at once.
  • Andy

    I certainly would be interested as well. The real problem is custom requests as you are about to see. I am planning a trip to Western Canada next summer. I won't have much of an itinerary except to get to the arctic ocean at some point. That means I am going to have to take the Western third of Canada with me. You see the problem. Anyway to buy in mass would be a big help, but I have this funny feeling I am going to be doing a lot of downloading. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Info for my state would be great. I'll buy Colorado today for sure! The fee seems reasonable.

  • Nathan

    There is some activity on a related topic:

    We've put out sample maps and I'm a little disappointed that no one has tried them yet.

  • Herma Koppendraier
    I would buy a package of Norway. Not sure about the 100+ buyers though ;)
  • Henry Armitage

    Just for some encouragement, I'm going to try this as my base/emergency map now.

  • Richard Wilson
    Maps for regional open space, sections of National Forests.
    I think hunting zones is a brilliant idea.
    For example ;
    I'd pay a couple dollars to download the X6a deer zone in California, which is small.
    Larger zones could be, excluded or broken into Zones, say "B Zone north of Yreka" for example.
  • daniel k
    Yes the AT would be great. That download would be tedious.

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