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Topo Map of Entire US States




  • Robert Johnson

    I can't believe no one has responded to this. I would love this as a a much simpler way to get the data. I would even pay and order a CD/DVD with the info rather than wait for hours for the download. I travel to various locations within Arizona and it is difficult to figure out what exactly I am downloading after I zoom out and then outline an area to download. I pretty much have to guess since most of the time no cities are on the screen to reference from.

  • Dara Parsavand

    I have a Feature Request "Download entire USGS Quads" which I've been thinking about in combination with this one.  Basically if maps were organized as quads (for the 7.5 minutes USGS maps and higher scale maps as whatever they are called), it would be nice to first download a list of quads of the state by a few different choices.  Then this list could be edited before downloading starts.  One choice could be the entire state and this would be huge as Nathan wrote.  If a computer download app were available for which you sync to Android, even 90 GB is not that big a deal for someone who has an unlimited network connection (though DVD distribution clogs the network listed).  But my thoughts are that most people don't need quads for the entire state, but only where there is a conceivable reason to be there on foot.  As Nathan said in another feature request, quads are not a good map choice for driving - so a separate statewide map should be used for that anyway - and those are a tractable size.  The number of quads where you could potentially be there walking on public land is much smaller than the entire state and it would be kind of cool to know you had them all available on you device.  An update checker would be nice too to make sure all your maps are up to date (I don't think after all the US Topo maps are released they will be updating that often, but I don't know). 

  • Michael Romrell

    I Need a better way to download maps as well. Specifically, I'd like to download map tiles along a route of GPS tracks that I've loaded into the app. My routes often traverse an entire state, so highlighting individual squares is super time consuming. If I could just have the app download all of the tiled map sections that the GPS track runs through, that would be amazing!


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