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Export and Share Kml.




  • Jake Van Epps
  • Andy Wright

    I am getting Export Unsuccessful when I try to export a trip file in kml.  I am able to import kml, which is very helpful.

    Now if BCNav could do an export I would be able to move data back and forth.  It's supposed to be a (beta) feature, but it's not working.

    I am using BCNav Pro ver 4.5.3 on a motorola Droid2 Global running Android ver 2.3.4

  • Nathan

    I am able to export on three different devices here. It is best to get a log of the failure sent to us.

  • Bharrison

    I create routes using google products on my PC.  Works great on my Android Galaxy Note.  All I need to do is "fly" the gps marker of my position to follow the route.  However, I also want to track my actual path at the same time as I follow the google route in order to "proof" it or record detours, etc.  Secondly, my share feature in BCNAV is in beta and the .kml files produced appear to be null files.  Google Earth does not baulk at openning them, but no track is displayed, and the "line" is listed as "null."

  • Gordon Harris

    Google Earth v. (latest windows version as of 9/4/12) has problems with the kml files that BCN produces.  Like Bharrison, above, once you ignore all the import error messages, Google Earth interprets the kml as a null file.  I.e. you get the starting position but no track.  If you import the kml file into Google Chrome as XML, crome reports the following error:

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 40 at column 30: Namespace prefix topografix on color is not defined

    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.


    The offending line 40 reads:


    Personally, I'd really like to see BCN be able to export a clean KML file.

  • Nathan

    For whatever reason, I'm not able to update to that version of Google Earth, but I will check with my colleagues. 

    That tag definitely shouldn't be there, so that is the first thing I will investigate. 

  • Brad Nelson
    I have also experienced similar problems. On the desktop, importing into Earth usually results in a "Null". On mobile, importing the kml into earth just results in a waypoint but no tracks. The track file that i have been working with recently has some very large tracks. I don't know if that is the cause but my memory tells me that i have had the same problem previously. Regards and thanks for a great product.

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