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All trip waypoints vanished



  • Doug Dana Stanton

    Similar thing happened to me just now.  I wanted to create a new Trip Database and when I created it and gave it a name, I now cannot find any of my 200+ waypoints that I had.  I've looked at everything I can think of and the old waypoints/database appears to be gone?????  Help!

  • Charles Pitman

    I had several waypoints in my tablet that I use for search and rescue. They had been in there for well over a year or two. I recently downloaded the free European map for a trip to Switzerland (worked great), but when I got home I noticed that everyone of those waypoints were gone. All of the ones from the Swiss trip were still there. Sure would like to know what's up with that. That said, I still love BCN Pro.

  • James H. Reinholm

    All trip databases with their track and waypoint information are stored in the BCNAV/Data folder. Because it is easy to lose trip data occasionally, it is important to make a backup copy of the BCNAV/Data folder once in a while, so you can restore it when needed.

    All trip data stored in the BCNAV/Data folder is erased if you decide to remove the app, and then reinstall it. The other folders in the BCNAV directory will retain their data when the app is removed.

    If you have external storage on an SD card, you will have two BCNAV directories: one in internal storage, and one in external storage. If you switch from one storage location to another within the app, some of your trip data will appear to be missing because the app is accessing the BCNAV/Data folder from another storage location.


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