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How do I follow a route?



  • Neil Kitching

    This basically.  I've imported several different tracks.  I can see them on the map screen, but they don't seem to have any waypoints associated with them.  

    I would ideally like a compass view so that i can follow the track with a direction arrow and distance to the next waypoint.

  • James H. Reinholm

    The BackCountry Navigator app provides two different methods for viewing the distance and bearing from your current GPS position to any selected waypoint. You can use the GOTO function or the distance/direction data in your track/waypoint list.

    If you open the track/waypoint list (Trip Data -> List View), each waypoint in this list will show a distance and bearing labeled for it. This data is relative to your current GPS location (or the center of the map screen, if you don’t have the GPS activated). Just look for your waypoint of interest in the list, and the distance and bearing to that point is shown next to the name of the waypoint.

    You can also set the waypoint of interest as a GO TO point by long-pressing the map screen on the waypoint. Then click the pop-up for that waypoint that appears on the upper-right. The editing screen for that waypoint will then be shown where you can click the GOTO icon on top to activate the GOTO function.

    When you return to the map screen, you’ll see a line segment from your current GPS postion to the GO TO point with distance and bearing information. You can also switch over to the Compass Screen, which gives you more precise values for distance and bearing.


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