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Everytrail - how will BCN change?



  • Brian Cripe

    I too have seen EveryTrail's server responsiveness getting steadily worse and now it appears they are completely down. I have used EveryTrail mostly for sharing my own tracks with friends -- so it would be nice if you could find another online partner to replace them. It also reinforces my general principle of archiving all my personal data (e.g. GPX tracks) myself rather than relying on online services with nice features and UI but no guarantee of longevity.

  • Nathan

    I am taking nominations.

    Alternatives to Everytrail.

  • Davidajensen

    I just posted a forum entry about my problems uploading to EveryTrail and then I saw this post. It appears that EveryTrail was indeed the problem. I then made another forum entry inquiring about whether it was possible to import a track and waypoints into Google Maps. I was able to import a waypoint but not the track. I don't see Google going anywhere anytime soon so I would highly suggest an easy method to export tracks and waypoints to Google Maps, if that is possible. 

    What are the issues here?


  • Mark G

    Google Maps might be nice as a secondary option but it couldn't entirely replace EveryTrail.  What you can't do with Google Maps is search for hikes that others have posted.  At least not that I'm aware of.

    I might have spoken too soon about EveryTrail though because for the couple of weeks it seems to be functioning again.  Nathan, do you have any greater connection than the rest of us to the people at TripAdvisor to get a sense of what their plan is with EveryTrail?  It's such a fantastic site and it would be so totally stupid if the TripAdvisor folks just let it die.


  • b bridges

    Please don't go with Google Maps.  Integrating with google maps would be nice for some purposes but I'd hate to see it become the default.  Google seems determined to destroy the map experience for users and it is currently in flux.  

  • Nathan

    Google took away the API for MyMaps that would allow apps to connect to it. So yes, things can go away even if they have Google in the name.

    You could still get it into MyMaps if you exported and then chose Google Drive as the destination and then went To MyMaps and imported.


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