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Editing track



  • Michael Eichhorn

    Hi All, 3 years on and I find myself in the same predicament and thought by commenting we refresh the question and someone might have a tip...??

  • James H. Reinholm

    A track trimmer feature has already been added to the app, which allows you to trim off the unwanted section of a track, or split the track into two separate tracks. Simply do a long press at the point where you want the track to end, or use the Waypoint Mark Button with the point centered on the map.

    A pop-up will then open with the track label, and you'll be given 3 options on how you want the track split by tapping on the 3 dots next to the track label. Statistical data will automatically be re-calculated for the trimmed track (or split tracks). See section 5.c.viii of the user manual for more detailed instructions.

  • Barbuck99

    Is the track trimmer feature still working on the app?  When I do a long press on a point on the track, all I get is the option for adding a waypoint.  Same thing when I try it with the Waypoint Mark Button centered on the track point.  I'm not getting the pop-up screen shown in the manual.
    Update - Aha, never mind. Apparently you have to press on a "point" on the track (for instance, where it makes a turn) rather than just some random spot on a straight portion of the track. It works now... 

  • James H. Reinholm

    The long press technique only seems to work if you tap on an endpoint of a track created with "Measure and Draw". This could be a bug in the program that needs to be corrected. You should be able press on a straight portion of the track to open the pop-up, also.

    Anyway, the track trimmer feature should only be used on tracks that were recorded while navigating via GPS. You can long press (or use the Waypoint Mark Button) on any point of a recorded track to open the pop-up for it.


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