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Recording a track and then retracing your route?



  • Ron Ramsey 77

    Hey there.  Did anyone ever get back to you on this?  I too would like to be able to retrace my route in offline mode.  I do ATV riding and we explore a lot.  Not very comfortable using BCN just yet.  Want to be sure I can get back to my starting point.

  • Carol

    Chris, if you want to retrace your track out you will need to just watch the display and put yourself on your [saved] track line as best you can. I don't know of another way of doing it, and I do this often, since a saved track log doesn't really have "waypoints" per se. Even my Magellan Explorist XL just lays down a "bread crumb" track line and I backtrack on it using the display. When I'm backtracking in BCNav I don't leave [visible] tracking on so it's easier to see when I wander off the track. 


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