Problem GPS Devices?

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  • Nathan

    A recent report:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - apparently specific to the AT&T version. May have trouble getting satellites, especially away from cell coverage.

    See this report.

  • Kkjer

    I have the Verizon Version and Google maps work fine and so does VZ Navigator.

  • Nathan

    A recent report:

    Asus Memo Pad - model ME173X

    Several users point to ridiculously inaccurate distance numbers when tracking on this device. This issue appears to be device specific.


    The problem is indeed device specific.

    This is an Android bug that was supposedly fixed in Android 4.2.2 or later.

    You can read about it here:

    Bug Asus about giving you a firmware update or return your device.


  • Bruce zellermayer
    I have been using BCN for at least two years now, and recently have started having the same problem as the Asus. The tracking function has become useless to the point where I'm looking for another app. Or having to get a Garmin. I really hope you can help me. I am using the program on a Droid X2.
  • Nathan

    >I have the Verizon Version and Google maps work fine and so does VZ Navigator.

    Good. But that doesn't tell us about how well the standalone GPS works outside cell coverage, and therefore how well BackCountry Navigator will work.

  • Shawn o
    imagery looks great on my nexus 7, but only for a second. then it shades out in transparent light gray. I can still see the map, it just has a transparent grey "film", when I zoom in or out, it temporarily looks perfect, but then that shade of film comes back :-(
  • Nathan
    If you don't like that, then use Digital Globe, not digital globe hybrid with Openstreetmaps. That's not a GPS device problem.
  • Kenneth Kjer

    I had the same problem with VZW Samsung Note 3, It would not track, showed ridiculously bad locations, and froze up, but VZ Navigator and google maps worked just fine. Then by pure coincidence I decide to switch my mobile virus and security protection to Norton Mobile and lo and behold my battery started getting longer life and Back Country Navigator Pro started working like a charm. It picks up satellites at our hunting cabin where we do not have cell service. In following up on this I found that some of the security and antivirus programs run in the background and interfere with other programs and shorten your battery time. I am not going to mention the name of the other program that interfered  some of my programs, but I advise you to be on the lookout for various programs of this type. When I called Verizon techs, they told me if you are going to install an antivirus and security software to check with them first. I called this particular company and spoke to them about it. They had a work around, but I chose to go with what VZW recommended and everything works just fine and my battery time has tripled. I hope this helps somebody.

  • Matt Schlottmann
    I recently had GPS issues with my galaxy s3, not finding satellites at all. (I have used back country navigator for several years now) after trying everything I decided to tighten all the little screws in the back of phone and just like magic the GPS locked quickly. Hopefully this helps some one else.
  • John Bursch

    HTC One VX GPS is terrible.  Can't count on the GPS starting.  Have to reset the phone, sometimes multiple times.

    Also, when starting BCN following a reboot, you will get a message that there is a problem with secondary storage.  To get around this, reload the map source.

    Once the GPS does start, it usually stays on, but not always.  Also, had trouble reading the screen.  Icons too small and dim in bright sunlight.




  • John Bursch

    Samsung Galaxy S5 rocks!  A big step up from my junky HTC One VX.   The bigger, brighter screen really helps.  The GPS turns on automatically, and fixes it's location quicker than my Prius' nav system. My only complaint so far is the on/off button is prominent on the side.  The phone has turned on in my pocket a few times.

  • Nicholas
    I used a S3 for a while and it worked great, compass was accurate and gps accuracy was was usually 13ft even out of cell range. But then I got a note 3 and it was terrible for navigation
  • Bltaylor00
    Thank you for the answer to recovery query of mine. Un fortuna lay my phone ( note 3 ) crashed a while back and I took it to Verizon who cleared all data and the memory.
    I tried your suggestion on recovery but Google and app store does not have any recollection of this phone or my old I'd or password. I have the app on another device but it won't transfer over.
    I know Samsung isn't the ideal device for backcountry navigator, all that I can say is that I tried. I could not even enjoy the updates that you added to the pro version. Not your fault. I guess that I will have to be content with my Garmin 2610 to guide me off road.
    Thanks again for your answering my question so promptly.
    Good app, One of the best I've tried.
    sincerely. Bill Taylor.
  • Casey

    If anyone is still wanting input on this, I have an LG L41C and the GPS is working great.  In fact, it is a Tracfone and for reasons not worth explaining I bought it knowing I wouldn't activate it as a phone for some time.  One if the main reasons I got it was for navigation so it has been tested in backcountry situations many times.

  • Brian Cripe

    I am a longtime satisfied BCN user on various Android phones, and I recently tried it on an inexpensive Samsung 7 inch table -- the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, model number SM-T230NU. The bigger screen and longer battery life of the tablet are big advantages. I can get 25-30 hours of tracking on one battery charge, which means 3 to 4 day trips are possible. But there are two significant problems. The tablet does not have a compass (magnetometer) sensor so none of the BCN compass features work. (I had no idea that compass sensors were sometimes left off of devices. Now I know to carefully check the specs.) And more troubling is that the GPS location has way more noise than I have seen on my smartphones. I don't have the problem others mention of spurious points hundreds of miles away. But if you hike a straight  trail and then look at the track you will see it wandering back and forth by 10s of meters. And if you sit in one location for a while your track is wandering all around you. A benefit is that suddenly the distance of all my hikes and ski tours has doubled and apparently I'm an elite athlete doing a 5 minute mile pace continuously. (See attached screenshot for an example. The cluster in the middle is where I sat still and ate lunch.)

    Does anybody know what might cause this type of inaccuracy? Some design decision by Samsung? A configuration setting in either Android or BCN? I plan to do some experimenting carrying both my phone and tablet on a hike and comparing the number of GPS satellites they are receiving. 

  • Helgerso

    Greetings from Skamania County,

    Recent report;  recently upgraded from 4 year old Samsung Galaxy GTS 5690 (waterproof, small screen, Gingerbread) to new Moto G 2nd gen running 5.01 which also uses GLONASS satellites.  Some initial observations;  signal acquisition time; Samsung up to a couple of minutes, Moto G2g usually less than 10 seconds.  Satellites in constellation: Samsung 4~8; Moto g 15~20+.  Screen size; Samsung smaller screen more typing errors in using controls and texting; Moto G, typing error free.  Ruggedability:  Samsung has built in port covers, Moto G not so.    Battery life: Samsung, 3+/- hours of GPS caused auto shutdown; Moto G, three hours brought the battery to about 25% charge. Overall verdict, glad I have the Moto G.  It was also less than 2/3 the original price of the Samsung.

    Have not yet run through all the BCN features on the Moto g but so far so good. However, one peculiar behavior noted with the Moto G in accessing NOAA charts for the Columbia River.  Switching to NOAA charts at the full extent brings up the entire coastal USA , excepting the Columbia River.  Yet zooming in to say the Stevenson, WA stretch of river (River Mile 150) on CalTopo and then switching to NOAA charts seems to usually bring in the local NOAA charts.  Took a while to sort that one out.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Helgerso

    Moto G update; whilst traveling, phone updated to Marshmallow.  To save data and photos etc, ended up installing new memory chip, a 32 Gig high speed model, rather than wiping the existing chip. I was able to get images and docs off of old one using desktop computer on return.  A good result all outside apps such as BCN can now be placed on the memory chip thus freeing up the phone's built in memory.  Satellite acquisition and BCN speed seem to be about the same as before.  Could be that some map tiles were lost in the OS upgrade.  

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