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  • Nathan

    There is some confusion about why PRO would need READ_PHONE_STATE when it does not show ads. WE DO NOT HAVE NOR PLAN ANY ADS IN THE PAID VERSION. 

    PUBLISHER means you put ads in your app that point to other apps. 

    ADVERTISER means you put ads in other apps that point to your app. 

    The PRO version is not a PUBLISHER. 

    Ad networks require us to have the READ_PHONE_STATE permission in order to be an ADVERTISER. 

    Whether that makes sense or seems fair, that is what the ad networks require. 

    See one example here:

    When another app advertises me, the link goes through the Android Market, and they don't know if the install actually happened unless they verify it inside my app. 

    I can think of other ways to do what they are doing that does not require this permission, but nonetheless, I am unlikely to change their policies. 

  • Nathan

    Permissions in Android are more broad than they should be. 

    In the end it comes down to whether you trust me or the app. 

    If you don't, my explanations won't help.  


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