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Deleting tiles from saved map folder doesn't seem to work right



  • James H. Reinholm

    It looks like there is a bug in the tile deletion feature if the downloaded map exceeds the file limit. If tiles were deleted for a smaller map, the memory size is shown to be less. Until we get this bug corrected, you might be better off deleting the entire map package and downloading it again.

  • Buchanan Larry

    I have the same issue.  But now I don't get any updates to the case that I opened for the issue.  It has been 8 days and all they answer is that an engineer can not reproduce the issue.  That is odd as now two of us have the problem.

  • Alan


    I gave up and restarted that particular mapping effort.  Later I received a message from CritterMap that might address the issue:

    This isn't a problem I'm familiar with. 
    Are you sure that you deleted from a saved map folder and not the main tile cache?
    Does the bigger size persist after a phone reboot?

    It is quite possible that I was trying to delete from the main tile cache.  Hard to test at the point when I got the message.  Perhaps that helps you?  (Reboots did not help)



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