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  • James Reinholm

    The track name is shown next to a track if the Display Options –> Show Track Labels option is set in the Settings menu. The track name is only shown for zoom levels greater than 13.

    The track editing screen is a separate screen that has all recorded information about a track (name, description, color, and statistics),

    If the track was recorded on a trail, you can view this screen anytime by doing a long-press on any point of the track. (You can also center the track on the map screen, and use the Waypoint Mark Button for this.) Just tap the pop-up label for the track on the upper-right to open the editing screen.

    For non-recorded tracks, or tracks created with “Measure and Draw”, this short-cut option doesn’t work, so you’ll need to click: TRIP DATA → List View – Tracks - <name of track> to open the editing screen.

    Hopefully, the short-cut option will be considered for non-recorded tracks as well.



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