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KML Import/Export w/Missing Data



  • James H. Reinholm

    I examined several KML files from different sources, and each one has a Name field and a Description field, but no Notes field. So I guess KML files are not designed to include notes.

    Then I tried creating a KML file from Google Earth with a sample track and sample waypoint. I included a name and description for both. Then I imported this KML file with the BCN app, and opened the track/waypoint list. The name and description were shown for both. The description should appear if the Description field is placed next to the Name field within the <Placemark> </Placemark> tags.

  • Dezdan

    Thanks, that was the trick! Had to have the two fields adjacent to one another for it to work.

    Not sure why my first test from GE didn't show the description field... Odd.

    Thank you!


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