Storage Card renamed on 6.0.1 update on some Samsung Devices.




  • Alan Winston

    It's good to have another reminder of how perverse things can get, even if I'd like to think I would have suspected something like this, since different devices use different names already.  What I wonder is if that ID is sdcard specific - so that if you decide to copy an old card to a new larger card, you will have to go through this process because the new card has  a different, unique number. I suppose thaat could be useful with interchangeable cards in multiple-slot OTG accessories, where a specific card may be found at different times in different slots.

    My favorite sdcard hassle so far was with a different map app, some devices worked just fine with storage/extSdCard/Android/data/{}/files, but with one device, it only worked with storage/extSdCard/Android/obb/{}/files, which I believe is intended for shared files. 

    Speaking of sharing files, I just discovered this morning that Wikiloc will scan the extSdCard for .map files, and offer the findings up (for read-only use) in its own app - with it's own eccentric but not unappealing theme, of course). How's that for nifty? So far it's only turned up one .map that didn't work usefully, a rheinland-pfalz map from that is the only map from that source I've tried so far - and which works just fine with BCN after copying it from the Orux directory ... which turns out not to have been necessary - I had forgotten that BCN has you go dumpster-diving in search of .map files, since I've only been using OAM Washington in that mode - I think I'll delete my BCN copy of that and just use the Orux copy, to make it easier to track whether it is kept up to date. An LRU list of offline .map files would be nice, like your LRU for online maps. 

    I continue to enjoy BCN pro, as always. Keep up the good work.

  • Ianb136

    This location is not Samsung-specific. E.g. Moto G3, upgraded to Marshmallow on day of purchase, 64GB SD not set to integrated, uses the same '/storage/nnnn-nnnn/...' location for the SD card.

    (Trying to use /mnt/sdcard/... appears to work OK but just results in the data being stored in the internal storage. Not infuriating at all.)

  • clarkaw

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  • Jim Holly

    I tried this once and it worked. Then BC NAV updated & broke the association  so I tried this again... No luck. Then, I browsed to the file & that worked for a while but then the association was disrupted again (for no apparent reason). Now, all of my old tracks are not displaying. Also, I was unable to export a newly recorded track. 

    This was on a new Samsung GS7 Active (Android 6) with a new 128gb card - files copied from old 64gb card used with old GS5 Active. 

  • Leo T Mcatee

    After days of me refusing it and it nagging me, ATT forced upgrade on my Galaxy 5, broke big country navigator. Found out when i needed to set a waypoint before going into deep brush at sunset to find a downed bird. Had no previous points for area and could no longer view my pre loaded USGS topos. This help data fixed it. A day late and a dove short. BCN is my most uses app on the smartphones and it has taken me to infinity and beyond.  I have hundreds of waypoints and maps over years of use, will have to make a dedicated effort to reconfigure storage so i can back it up easily before ATT ruins my day in the future.


    Thank youfor great software and support.

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