MyTopo access not working.




  • Red Heelerdog

    This is strange, I have another PC based app (TopoFusion Pro) which pulls tiles from mytopo and it is working fine as of 7:20 MST.

  • John Smith

    Red.... I would guess they have singled out this app for the block as it appears to be a "open/share" based product that they don't get a piece of.... Undoubtedly topofusion is paying the piper.

  • Red Heelerdog

    Well, I would not mind at all paying more for Back-country Navigator to have topo access. This app is pretty amazing. I have been on some very remote wilderness hunts in the past few months and BCN performed flawlessly, tracks, way-points, everything was great, this app compares to the high-end Garmin line of GPS units, plus, my phone offers a bigger screen vs a Garmin Oregon. 

  • John Smith

    I just came across the app about a week ago and paid for the pro upgrade right away; I plan on hunting next week and this seemed to have the features of a high end GPS like the Oregon without the high end ticket, all things considered with the cost of my phone/cell package. Glad to hear about the track/way point functionality; since I have not had the opportunity to test that yet, but it does seem to be well thought out. The larger screen, with the detail of a super-ammolted resolution is much nicer than any hand held GPS I've seen thus far... provided the features work as well, which by the sounds of it they do, I'm relieved

    By the all appearances "mytopo" didn't give any warning, just put the block on... Sounds like they are pushing their own product and not going to allow their 'server' to be used to access the PUBLIC domain USGS least that is my suspicion. So far though the other access method does seem to work, all be it at a somewhat slower download from what I've seen today.

  • Red Heelerdog

    John Smith, attached is a screenshot of .gpx tracks I took from BCN and imported into Topofusion, TF is a great software also. The track on the right I started when I was still in my boat, I then anchored and went hunting, the other 2 tracks are from other days scouting for elk. One note that helps on battery life is to put your phone in airplane mode when you are using BCN (most placed I hunt there is not cell service) this saves a ton of battery life. I also have 5 batteries for my phone (HTC Incredible) - dropping waypoints, recording tracks, importing, exporting all works flawlessly.

  • Nathan

    Thank you everyone for your comments and patience. 

    4.3.0 has a new map source called USA Topo Maps. 

    Read more about it here:

  • Seronac

    AWESOME! Thank you, Nathan, for finding a solution so quickly.

    When can we expect the update to come down from the Market?

  • Nathan

    It usually takes a few hours to propogate. 

    See also:

  • John Smith

    Just downloaded the update... Thanks Nathan, really appreciate your efforts at getting things back up to speed, as well as keeping us all up to date... that is Customer Service!

    Red, thanks for the image and the pointer for the desktop app... took a look at the intro, I've been trying to figure out something for my desktop and deciding whether I wanted to download the mirror app from CritterMap, or some other program. As it stands I've got a Garmin product for my auto nav but have never been really happy with it or the functionality. Although frankly I've not tried to do anything with importing from my phone, but I suppose it probably supports the file system. [or so I would hope] The cost of CritterMap doesn't seem to prohibitive when compared to the other app though, are you using the "free" version or one of the two paid forms.... Unfortunately all of my systems are running W7, so it would appear I've have to go with their "pro" version.... which makes CritterMap look even more enticing. I've not really explored that whole end of things yet, but do want that type of logging for future reference as your .jpeg shows its a good way to keep your data and improve capabilities more suitable than working on your phone all the while.

    On the brief aspect with the download, I did like the "hidden" aspects of the controls as they were previous to the update.... Nathan if you could put a "Hide" option for the Green Menu Screen that would be fantastic.... every 1/4" is precious on a phone, and auto-hide is a great option when you have a "solid" menu block rather than the semi-opaque tabs previously. Either that or an option to switch between the two maybe?? Thanks-

  • Michael Arthur
    Nathan - You are the best! BCN is my favorite app. You've got great customer service also. Thanks for the heads up, the solution and the great app! I use it almost every day.
  • John DeVinney

    You Rock Nathan! Thank You! I will start a new file Thursday afternoon and do some comparisons.  I still have the previous myTopo stored where I hunt.

  • Roger Ridgeway

    Wow! What great tech support. I have used Trimble's products for 15 year rs at work and they are the poster child for evil tech companies. (Them and Garmin). I really like whipping my phone out and showing off Backcountry Navigator. "How much did we pay for the Trimble? 600 dollars. Backcountry Navigator only costs 10 bucks."

  • Jimcboat

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you put into finding a solution to the MyTopo problem.  I really appreciate your hard work and good attitude.  I am recommending bcnav to all my map nerd type friends  :)

    On another note:  I think this will be a great solution for my GPS needs while thru-hiking the CDT next year.  I like it so much better than the dedicated GPS that I am currently trying to sell on ebay.  That should give you an idea how much I like your app!  Anyway, this approach will save me a good 5 oz.  I hesitated relying on a phone based app, but since I will be primarily navigating with map and compass, the phone will only come out when I get misplaced, and I'll have extra batteries, I am hopeful it will be more than sufficient.

  • Matt Williams

    Thanks for finding the alternative, it works great!

  • Steve Newell

    Great product and awesome support!  One question; I purchased the app through Amazon and am wondering when you think this latest update might make it there.  Thanks.

  • John DeVinney

    I toggled between my stored MyTopo and the ArcGIS and my recorded tracks line up more accurately on the ArcGIS. I walked a property line and recorded it for hunting boundries. This is in NW Tennessee Henry County. Has anyone else toggled between stored MyTopo and ArcGIS yet? What results are you seeing? I am very happy Nathan, Thank You and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Don Maine

    Nathan, I just used my BCN for my backpack hunting in the central Adirondacks in NY - Awesome!!  (Already pre-cached those maps luckily- and if anybody needs them just email me at  I was perfectly happy with version 4.1.1 so I have not upgraded.  Now, if I upgrade to the newest version, will I still be able to use my saved tracks and waypoints?  Also, a couple of things I found useful on my treks.  First, I have the Dry Case which is a waterproof plastic case that allows you to draw a vacuum, which makes the touch screen easy to see and use.  (I dove off the dock with it in the summer and took pics with my kids swimming.)   It worked great for hunting in the pouring rain.  Also, I carry a New Trent mobile power pack for recharging my phone, if/when needed.    I also want to jump on the bandwagon and thank you for all your attention to our issues, and the great App.!!!   Don Maine

  • Nathan

    Upgrading does not delete saved tracks or waypoints. 

  • matavaj
    App needs to be updated on amazon. It's only at 4.2.5 .
  • Nathan

    I have submitted the APK at Amazon. It is in Amazon's hands now. 

    It has happened within two days before, but sometimes its longer. 

  • Don Maine

    Nathan, sorry to bother you with one more specific  question, but just to be sure before I update my BCN version;  is there an option to select the "mytopo" maps that are cached, so I still have access to them in version 4.3?  (I should have asked this when I asked about the track/waypoint overlays)     Thanks Don

  • Nathan


  • Kd97724
    There is still no update available from Amazon App Store for the new version with the alternate topo map source. Is there any news as to when we can expect one?
  • Nathan

    No news. I submitted version 4.3 to Amazon on Nov 24th, and version 4.3.1 on Nov 29th.

    Amazon, kind of like Apple, wants to manually approve all updates. While this is after the fact for many, I do not advise buying at Amazon. I'm pretty ticked off at Amazon right now. They have never taken this long before; 2-3 days is normal.

    The only workaround I would suggest is install BackCountry Navigator DEMO, which is up to date. It will be unlocked if it sees you have the PRO version installed. Normally, I don't recommend keeping DEMO installed. But it may actually help.  

  • Nathan

    I have noticed that 4.3.1 is now available at Amazon, after two weeks of me trying to make that happen. 

    After all of this, I was still unable to talk to a human at Amazon. I am unable to tell if they will give me this much trouble next time I try to push an update to them and if it will take this long.

    Amazon is not very developer friendly, unfortunately. Keep in mind that there might be future delays if you haven't decided whether to buy at Amazon.


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