MyTopo access not working.




  • Matt Williams

    Hopefully you can resolve this soon...  OpenCycleMaps do not have near the details and zoom layers, and the old USGS maps are what made this App useful for me.

  • Bmoody
    you need a very good lawyer to advise you about the best path forward vis a vis My Topo/Trimble. I would not try to resolve the matter with them until you know where you stand.
  • John Smith

    I just noted the issue too, got the email with the "update" actually and went to check it out.... Yes, I'm having the same issue, though it would appear the couple areas that I downloaded to my SD card are still viable... although without any further tiles. MyTopo wants you to "Buy" another app. in order to have access to the data... Great, a week after I pay $10 to have this for hunting over the next two weeks... the primary map source I was planning to use goes AWOL!

    I guess I'll have to go though and see if this other suggestion works for my needs, but after getting this sorted out to use MyTopo it really sucks.

    Lastly, I don't see a "choice" for maps suggesting "Microsoft Research Maps-> USGS Topo OR OpenCycleMaps....??? I do have the USGS Color Aerials & Small Tiles, but neither of those do a damn bit of good for TOPO sources. So all I have is "pictures" available to me, NO TOPO's what so ever but the three or four I downloaded when I paid for the app and was trying to figure out how it worked. Are these other sources going to be available "Shortly...???"

  • Jeremy Jensen
    This bites big time! Was there some sort of agreements made before the purchase? Is there a good way to share downloaded tiles? I.e. I have the whiteclouds of Idaho and seven devils which I visited this year and together we could piece together some solution?
  • John Smith

    Just for the sake of mentioning it.... "Google" is the topo driver they are using for their "Free" online topo maps that they want you to use. SO.... that bares asking WTF... Android Phone, Google OS and Sale of this App through Market.... why is My Topo all of a sudden screwing us? Something Stinks in Denmark and its not the fish...

  • Jeremy Jensen
    John if you select the top left icon. Then map mode. Then choose map source. At the bottom of the list the Microsoft Topography maps are there. Do not go directly to the us.
  • Jeremy Jensen
    By the way change my last post to Denmark then instead of US.forget how widely this is used.
  • John Smith

    Jeremy, your idea sounds viable.... if we could actually pull the files off our SD Cards? Although I'm in Upstate NY, and don't have any plans for going to Idaho any time soon, but a means to share tiles in the mean time with others "could" be helpful to some I suppose.... but when I downloaded the app, there was not all that many "Pro" users as I recall... 10K isn't all that many users in the big scheme of things.

  • John Smith

    "Something stinks in Denmark" is just a phrase.... one of the Countries known for "stinky" fish, although I understand it is an aquired taste from Viking days.

  • Kelly McLaughlin

    I like Jeremy's idea about sharing files. I have most of western Colorado, northwestern New Mexico & most of Arizona. 

  • Will Bain

    I have a large portion of western Montana (the Bitterroot Mountains and Valley) to share with anyone who's interested. Just give me upload access to a server and we can start our own community map service. If any of you want them right away, send an e-mail to, and I'll zip them up for you.

  • Cprendon

    You recommend the use of OpenCycleMaps but that name does not appear under US/Canada map sources.

  • Nathan

    OpenCycle is under worldwide because it is worldwide. 


    USGS Topo and BW Aerial are under "Microsoft Research Maps". 


    To get to either one, you need to choose menu --. Maps then click the button that says "Choose Map Source". 

  • Nathan

    All the tiles you need are under bcnav/tiles/mytopo. Organizing them is a different story. The file names are not user decipherable.


  • John Smith

    I suspected that "user decipherable" was going to be the operative issue here.... I've poked around in the 'OS files" on my phone before, sort of like looking into the C:/ drive on Windows.... "undecipherable" is the operative word, or Do Not Touch more factually. Not to mention you can name your "saved" tiles anything you want, that said I hope it still can be workable somehow. Either that or "someone" needs to figure out a way to make something happen; a topo app without functional topos isn't what I paid for a week ago.

  • Jimcboat

    I have the maps along the Continental Divide Trail for Colorado and New Mexico and am happy to share.  Anyone have Wyoming and Montana?

  • Carol
    I agree this is a very sudden and disappointing turn of events for us all. That said, I did try downloading the area I'm camped in right now from the USGS topo tiles, which are essentially the same map data as mytopo without the subtle shading. They came in fairly quickly--a square 35 X 35 miles took about an hour over 3G Verizon. Not a lot different, as I recall, from the time it took to acquire the same in mytopo tiles. Carol-Droid X
  • Nathan

    In some ways, the USGS Topo (under Microsoft Research Maps) is faster because the tiles are four times as big. 

  • Davidaherron

    Hey Nathan, can you work with the free topos available here:

    They appear to be .pdf files with an attached .xml file that has the geo info coded in them.  I guess they call them GeoPDFs?

  • Seronac

    Yes, this does stink.*

    USGS topo maps are supplied by an agency of the U.S. Government, and should be freely available to all U.S. taxpayers. I can understand having to buy printed versions, or even paying a little for the hosting of digital ones, but this stunt by Trimble is just rude, draconian, even.  They could have at least given some warning.  I will not by buying any Trimble apps, now or in the future.

    Alternatively, I think that an open host of topo maps would be great, and could serve not only CritterMap software customers, but anyone who wants digital USGS topo maps.  We should figure out a way to do that.  

    * Incidentally, the phrase "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, and "Something Stinks in Denmark" is a reasonable modern-day translation, no matter where you are.

  • Danny Cardin

    Have you looked at Can you somehow implement this into the app?

  • John Smith

    >Seronac, its good to know where a phrase in the lexicon comes from... its been a Very Long Time since I read Hamlet, doubtless one of the places I came across it originally. Though the fermented fish the saying hearkens to originates well before Shakespeare's day. Thanks for the refresher....!

    More on topic though, I've gone back through reviewed & dabbled with the Microsoft/USGS topo server and so far it does seem to work, though I have yet to confirm the data or the ages of the quadrangles I'm specifically interested in. I know some of them can be wildly out of date, especially in areas with rabid building/land speculation going on... So I'm going to hold judgment on that aspect for now, but the server is undoubtedly "slower" on the couple maps I did download this morning.... Appreciably so unfortunately, but not unworkable with my home Wi-Fi/Broadband connection. What it will be like on Verizon 3G out & about may be another matter entirely I'm afraid.

  • Mpgrady

    Yep, MyTopo gone bye-bye. The data on my Droid X2 seems to be primarily organized in numeric folders

    which probably correspond to the map magnifications shown on the BC Nav menu bar, top right corner of display.

    I only use mags 13-15 for best detail, nothing below that. All my maps are for central and northern New Mexico.

    We could post notice of our map collections online and make contact offline to swap data.

    Have any of you used "gMapMaker" for downloading desktop maps? It has a system of entering lat/long corners

    as parameters for almost any size desired maps. BC Nav's system of dragging across the screen is pretty useless, such tiny maps,

    lots of screen dragging. If we could get a mechanism similar to "gMapMaker", we could have all the USGS topos

    we need downloaded much faster. I know, some are older data but your alternative (MyTopo) is now entirely gone.

    So, choose, older data or none?

    P.S. could someone tell me how to get the double line spacing out of this, back to single space?

  • Nathan

    About oldness: Mytopo is just as old as USGS Topo, although MyTopo did enhance them with forest service data that isn't quite as old. When our forest service overlays are ready, they will be closer to equal in oldness. 

    The GeoPDFs, however, are newer. Although it is unfortunate that the USGS has chosen an unfriendly proprietary format for it, we are working on the best way to crack that. 

  • Nathan

    Esri maps are a top candidate. I almost included them already, but they changed their terms to 'no caching'. However, they are trying to sell their Android SDK, which claims it can do offline stuff.  If I can resolve that, we may see them soon. 

  • Bertrand

    USGS Topo works OK for me, except that the maps are distorted - stretched horizontally.

    On my PC I sometimes use topo maps from, and see that those maps still work, and still have the MyTopo watermark.  Maybe BCN could get access to that data, somehow. 

  • Scott Sedlar

    It would be great if you could set up a deal with DeLorme to sell their maps.  I'd be willing to pay for them and they would fit my needs but  I'm not sure they would offer enough detail for some users though.

  • Carol
    Their topo data isn't as detailed, is it, as far as things like ruins, old cemeteries, etc? I have their Topo 9.0 but it's missing a LOT of old Jeep trails. Carol
  • John Smith

    All in all though, while I have to say this GPS set-up is "nice" but you should always be ready & able to kick back to Old School map & compass... Hard copy maps & a good compass never go down or have profit driven motivations restricting their access. The use of a phone app is fraught with problems in the long term, when it really counts a printed medium is the only way to go.

  • Carol
    Agreed, I always run the Droid along with my trusty old Magellan Explorist XL GPS loaded with "legacy" Tiger database detail maps. And of course, map and compass! Used to be on a Search & Rescue team before retirement, before the days of GPS. Carol

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