OS Explorer Maps back with detail?




  • Tiffle

    While Multimap is unavailable on Bing I thought I’d use Mobile Atlas Creator but there’s a problem

    MOBAC ver1.9 doesn’t  have access to Multimap UK OS.

    Ver 1.8 does have Multimap but doesn’t create atlas’s in Backcountry format.

    Is one of the other formats OK? Or is there another way to use MOBAC?

    I assume that having created the correct atlas I just need to place the tiles in BCNAV/ATLAS in order for Backcountry to use them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Nathan

    Put it in  RMaps SQlite format. This is easiest because it is a single file. 


    I am not entirely sure you will not see the same problem on Mobac. 

  • Nathan

    Previously, Microsoft has said this will be fixed in the next update, and that has been rather vague on when that is.

    The latest from the thread above is that the "next update" is somewhere in January or February.

    So they are not in any hurry, and we will only know in January or February if it actually gets fixed. 

  • Nathan

    We are researching alternatives, and hope to find one that is not too expensive. 

  • Nathan

    A few reports have come in that the detail has been restored in the OS Explorer Maps. I cannot confirm that it will work for everyone, because tiles often need to propagate across different Bing servers. 

    You could see mixed detail if you have tiles your have previously downloaded.  

    It may be best to delete the bcnav/tiles/mmosxp folder if you want to start from scratch. 

  • Tiffle

    I've downloaded the whole of the UK at 1:50,000 and large parts at 1:25,000 without any problems.

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