OS Explorer Maps having some issues.




  • Nathan

    Has anyone had a good experience with OS Explorer tiles lately?

    Since I haven't even seen the problem myself, I have to rely on reports from end users about whether the problem is resolved. 

    Note that you may have to do a recycle to get new tiles where you have some bad ones.

  • Trsw222

    I'm a UK user and I have seen no problems at all, (but I've not had to access any new maps in the last few days) and I'm 100% happy and satisfied with the whole BCN experience. When I looked at the Marketplace Feedback I saw quite a few other UK users expressing similar positive opinions.  So I'm very surprised at Nathan's downbeat comments in the latest Newsletter.

    If Open OS maps have a similar level of quality and detail to the Bing/Explorer maps we have now, I'd be in favour of making them available. The idea that Bing might pull the rug away fills me with dread!

  • Nathan

    Not everyone sees the same comments in the Market. I see them all in sequential order, while users see whatever the Market decides to show. You may not see the latest stream of angry ones yet.

    There are many positive comments both before this problem occurred and since I sent the newsletter. I'm concerned that many people don't know there was a server problem, and unless they recycle it won't clear up and they will blame the app. I'm hoping enough people get the newsletter that the word will get around. 

  • lum boyd
  • Tiffle

    A couple of months ago I was able to download 1:25k scale UK OS maps but down they only seem to be available at 1:50k.

    Has anyone had similar problems? Is this a temporary problem at Bing Maps?


  • Nathan

    Yes. I'm going to refer you to this topic:



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