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BackCountry Navigator on a NEW DEVICE



  • Bobkeiling

    I have a new phone and can not or am not authorized to access the file #3 above. I need help transferring my waypoints to my new phone...


  • Dan

    Hi Bob,


    Can you try this link HERE

    Or you can checkout our online/downloadable comprehensive manual HERE


    You can also backup/restore your waypoints and tracks from the cloud via Dropbox or GDrive.


    Just click the Trip Data (folder icon) at the top > Scroll to the bottom, you should see the Backup/Restore Option.


    Thank you,



  • Martin

    Hi. Wanting to migrate my maps to a new device. About 2.5GB so don't want to download again over 3G. Tried to access number 3 above but got access denied error. Tried the link in answer to previous comment with same error. Not wanting to backup trip data - it's the maps I'd like to transfer. Please can I have a working link to the helpdesk article.

  • Dan

    Hi Martin,


    Are your data on your external SD card? with regards to step #3, can you confirm that your externalSD card does not have write protect turned "ON"?





  • Solomon Parker

    I have tried backing up and restoring over and over and over again. Nothing ever happens.

    Why is it so hard to move my data to a new phone?


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