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Icons for Waypoints



  • M. L. Perry

    Hallelujah !

        Finally, I can put a name with the face.  This will save a lot of frustration from not being able to distinguish what the 'tiny' symbols represent.

    p.s.    May I suggest that the 'REQUEST' submissions be reviewed and contact with the individual be made regarding those that have been resolved.   I may have stumbled on to this sooner if... 

    Thank you, kindly!!!

  • Henry Armitage

    Kind of a strange question, but do you know what other applications actually use that sym tag (in other words, their exported GPX files will come in with similar looking icons)?

  • Nathan

    These were based on mapsource icons. Half mile's PCT waypoints had them.

    There ought to be others that use that tag.

  • Rodmoyer

    This article was extremely helpful.  It paves the way for me to import data to BCNav in a GPX file exported from my desktop software.  Easy (or automated) edits of the GPX file will ensure that I see the icons I want to see in BCNav.


    ON A CLOSELY RELATED SUBJECT, the "bcnav" application folder on my android has an empty "icons" subfolder.  It would seem that this might be for custom icons, but no mention of custom icons is made in this article.  So what indeed would this "icons" subfolder be used for?

  • Darren B

    Nathan, is there an updated icon list you can upload here? Many of the icons on my phone don't match what is posted here, and the overall list of icons is not identical. Thanks!

  • Wilhelm

    Hi Nathan

    • Could you please post an updatet list, the actual icons are looking very different to the ons on top of this post
    • What would help is also a text-list of the used icon-names to use in a gpx-file
    • could you please explain how to make use off any custom-icons?
      there is an empty folder in my android called "Icons" but if i put something there i can not find it in the waypoi-icons..

    Many thanks



  • Dan

    Hi Guys,

    Can you try this for Custom User Icons.


    - Type of Icons: PNG or SVG

    - Not more than 128x128 pixel but not less than 32x32 pixel. (Recommended)

    - Naming Icon: no special character except underscore ( _ ) or dash (-). (Recommended)

    - IF Sub Folder on "bcnav/icons" cant be read by the app - Please put on main folder.

    - On Waypoint Icon List Arrangement.

        * First 4 item will be the most recently used icons. (If any. Red Box). Followed by All Customs Icons (Yellow Box)  then default icons.


  • James Reinholm

    I noticed that the latest version (6.6.8) allows you to add custom icons to the bcnav/icons folder, and they will be added to the icon list as shown in the above screenshot. I put a few 40x40 pixel PNG images in the folder, and they appeared on the map screen as waypoint markers when selected from the list.

  • john Albert

    great post and


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