Calibrating Compass and Compass Settings.




  • Clifford Deal


    Please review the above comment on "Magnetic Bearing". I think....if NOT checked, the readings will be true North, and NOT adjusted for declination. Am I missing something?


  • Nathan

    I stand by what I said above. 

    If Magnetic Bearing is not checked, it will display true north AND it will be adjusted for declination. The reading from the phone is magnetic. The only way to get to true North is to adjust for declination. We can only calculate declination based on location.  

  • David

    I have just found the compass on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Android, and am interested to know how it works. It works even when GPS is switched off, so does the Android device have a magnetic compass essentially built-in? Otherwise I can't see how it can work.

  • Dale Burns
    On the compass screen, I can't seem to get the goto to turn off. The help screens said something about an exclamation button.?
  • Nathan

    Push Location Menu->stop Goto.

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