Purchasing and Using TrailMap AddOns




  • Nathan

    As of version 4.2.3, it is easier to activate and deactivate Addons. This did not work in 4.2.2, and in 4.2.3, you will still need to scroll or otherwise trigger a refresh before you will see the  layer turned off. 

    You can see what overlays are currently showing from the map menu:



    You can press this panel and see a checklist to enable and disable specific overlays:




    Some have had problems where the BLM maps or trail maps are dissappearing after a time. The process of forcing a redownload is not helping them get the display back permanently. Almost all of these instances are on the Droid Incredible. 

    In all cases where we have been able to diagnose this, the map shows up for a while and then dissappears, which means that a folder on the storage card has dissappeared. This means one of two things:

    • A housekeeping process, such as a virus scanner, or music download manager, is deleting files on the storage card in an attempt to be "helpful".
    • The storage card is failing. Unfortunately, this can fail fairly often, and people often warn of 32GB storage cards that cost less than $100. When a storage card is failing, it doesn't fail all at once, and one of the symptoms is folders that dissappear (and sometimes reappear). 
    For example:

    The Colorado BLM map is somewhere like:

    sdcard/iap/downloads/BackCountry Navigator PRO/bcn_c_blm_co/data.png

    In one case, a customer found that the entire iap directory is disappearing.  


  • Andy Wright

    Hi Nathan,

    I purchased the BLM add on for California.  I may have missed a color key for the boundaries, since I see several colors that I'm not sure what they indicate.

    My lines on a map do not indicate which side is *within* a designation, although sometimes I can deduce that info.  The examples on this page have triangles of color to show what's within a designation.  Any suggestions?



  • Nathan

    Yes. UPDATE.

    It will look very different in 4.2.3. They will have triangular patterns and they will have labels, so you will soon discover what the colors mean. 

    I have submitted this update to Amazon, so if you got it there, it will be there soon.

  • Andy Wright

    Great.  I'm on 4.1.9 now.  I looked at my Droid and don't see an obvious update in settings or in BCNAV help menu.   I purchased from the Android Market I believe.

  • Nathan

    See this helpdesk article. 


  • Chuck Petersen

    I purchased the BLM addon for Colorado and cannot see to find it in my maps.  I am not even sure if it downloaded originally.




  • rascalisfishing

    nathan  hey thanks for this walk thru i had a hard time at first trying to reinstall blm add on that was installed on phone and then disappeared, this walk thru helped out a great deal and i also learned some other features thanks always a great product    thanks kirk

  • Brian Dunham

    I bought the ATV trail maps add-on.  It seems to be a good tool, but is no where near complete.  Is there a process to submit tracks for updates to the trail database?  There is no "contact us" info or any other way to make an inquiry that I see on the ATV trail maps website.


  • Patrick Bachmann

    Hello Nathan, 

    I recently purchased Nav Pro 4.8.1 for my Galaxy S3 and am very satisfied so far. I am having one problem however.  When I select "Purchasing add-ons" to purchase BLM/Property Boundary maps, I get a "Loading Product Inventory..." message and (while connected to WiFi) no options come up even after 10-15 minutes of waiting. Is this a bug or is there something else I need to do before these options become available? 


  • Nathan

    Whenever this has occurred before, it has been a firewall or adblocker that is somehow blocking go.urbanairship.com. Send me a ticket if the problem persists.

  • Nathan

    For any suggestions, go to UStrailmaps.com, and contact them with any suggestions for the data. 

  • Carol

    I recently acquired a used Motorola Bionic to replace my ailing Droid X, so I'm transferring all my map tiles over to it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see a way of (on computer) simply copying my purchased BLM overlay files over to the SD card. I tried to do it, but they don't seem to come up in the app on the phone. I thought it might be handy to back these up to computer, like the map tiles, but perhaps not. I realize I can always initiate a redownload on the phone, just thought I might not have to. Thanks for a great app, hopefully even better on this newer and more capable Droid.


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