Battery Life - extra batteries can be cheap.




  • tom nosack

    The external batteries that plug into the mini USB work well, too. I picked up some 2200 AH for $16 each; they have the advantage of allowing "hot swaps" and uninterrupted viewing.

  • errol fife
    What is a "brute force" solution?
  • Dave

    In the Engineering world, brute force is the opposite of elegance. Engineers prefer elegant solutions to problems. For example, an elegant solution to a lost key might be to pick the lock without scratching anything. The brute force way might be to bust down the door. Brute force is just another way of saying to get a bigger hammer, somethings going to give. It's a crude solution that works. Engineers prefer things that work even more than elegant solutions. Like buying a fist full of batteries instead of crafting complicated and clever routines to conserve battery life.

  • Atsuko Miller

    Tom, what is hot swaps? 

    I have extended battery, but don't I have to turn the power off and swap the battery?  It means it'll interrupt the track and viewing, isn't it?

    I don't want to stop tracking when I change batteries, could you share how you do that?   thx!

  • tom nosack

    "Hot Swap" means I never powered down; by keeping the main battery charged from a secondary battery plugged into the micro-USB slot, I could deplete the secondary batteries and replace them without ever shutting down power or removing the main battery, thus keeping the phone running for many hours or even days if desired...

  • Atsuko Miller

    I see....  Mine is extended battery (the kind I have to click on the phone).

    Could you tell me which external battery you like? 
    I looked around but I couldn't decide.... everybody's review is so different and it's confusing to me.


  • tom nosack

    Just go to eBay and search for USB emergency battery. They simply plug into your phone charging port and provide power and slowly charge your battery until they run down.

  • jerry bowerman
    Purchased a small solar charger from The Cellphone Shop. So far so good. Going to mount it to the top of my backpack. The biggest problem is seeing the screen of my Incredible in the sun.
  • Dave

    Lot of water under the bridge since this "string" started. New technology is out there. I just 'discovered' bluetooth GPS receivers. I bought a Garmin GLO for about $100 on Amazon. It has its own battery and its GPS chipset is much better than that on my phone. I downloaded an android app called Bluetooth GPS Provider (per Nathan's recommendation elsewhere), fired it all up and it works. The result is that my battery isn't being used for GPS, just a little bit to keep bluetooth running  . . and . . .my GPS is better than a meter in open ground.

    Longer battery time and better accuracy. What's not to like.

  • Lambbc6164

    I'm trying to do what you did Dave with a Garmin forerunner 230 gps watch as the gps provider.  I downloaded the Bluetooth GPS provider app on my samsung galaxy note II phone but it didn't work.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

  • Dave

    Lanbbc: I'm not sure a dedicated GPS watch will act as a remote GPS. That is, it might not "broadcast" its position. If it will then you will have to set up your Note 2 to use mock GPS positions in order for it to use the watch's GPS instead of its internal GPS. While this is not particularly difficult to do, there are a lot of steps. Try googling "android note 2 mock gps". Let me know if you get stuck.

    If you just want to prolong your battery life, sells massive batteries that work with the Note 2. Remove the back of your phone, insert the zero lemon battery pack, and then place their special phone back over it. Run it hard for 2-3 days nonstop and then recharge.



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