Importing maps of various formats.




  • Mfc

    (The second link in this tip seems to be 'broken'.)

    Related question: are the data (tiles) that BCN stores for offline use in a format that can be used by/converted for other programs?   Having just downloaded some Spain Topo maps and copied them to PC for backup it would be really nice to be able to view them on the PC platform.   [BlueStacks is promising, but not sure yet how to get it to 'see' PC folders as SD cards, and it's a little slow compared to a native PC application.]   



  • Mfc

    Here's a screenshot of BCN running on PC under BlueStacks.

  • John Thorn

    MAPC2MAPC (  now contains a viewer for SQLITE format maps (and some others including WMS). On the viewed maps you can draw, load, edit and save GPX tracks and routes.

  • Matt

    I have a map saved as a PDF I want to convert it to use in BCN. How do I do that?

  • John Thorn
    If it is georeferenced PDF (GEOPDF) then MAPC2MAPC will open it and convert for BCN
  • John Thorn

    MAPC2MAPC also has an experimental feature to convert Garmin IMG to SQLITE format. The result is not very pretty but is geographically accurate. Contact john -at - for more information.

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