Power Saving Modes




  • Jim Cummings

    This might also be helpful on android 7.0



        Settings  (little cog top right of screen)

          Close excessively power-intensive apps  (set it to off)


  • Peter

    On my Nexus 5x 7.1.3. Most battery options stated above not available. Only app optimisation can be changed.

    The entire tracklog is recorded correctly, its just that the track lines disappear an hour or so after operation. We do switch off screen at rest intervals to save batt. It might have something to do with screen lock being enabled too long, hence triggering a batt save shutdown.

    BUT given the tracklog is still recording correctly, which means your program is still active and recording, can your program do a "refresh or redraw of tracklog lines" upon entering it? This will eliminate the dropoff of lines. Very dangerous for tracker doing reconnaissance work.


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