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Power Saving Modes



  • Jim Cummings

    This might also be helpful on android 7.0



        Settings  (little cog top right of screen)

          Close excessively power-intensive apps  (set it to off)


  • Peter

    On my Nexus 5x 7.1.3. Most battery options stated above not available. Only app optimisation can be changed.

    The entire tracklog is recorded correctly, its just that the track lines disappear an hour or so after operation. We do switch off screen at rest intervals to save batt. It might have something to do with screen lock being enabled too long, hence triggering a batt save shutdown.

    BUT given the tracklog is still recording correctly, which means your program is still active and recording, can your program do a "refresh or redraw of tracklog lines" upon entering it? This will eliminate the dropoff of lines. Very dangerous for tracker doing reconnaissance work.


  • Edward Goldobin

    1. Off-topic: When I am at the bottom of this page, it says "Please, sign in to write a comment". I click sign-in and.....nothing. It took a while to figure out that the login pop-up appears at the very top of the page (not screen) and it is not visible. I wonder, who has designed this?

    2. On Samsung A5 under Android 6 I indeed noticed that when I set power saving on MID-mode the phone shortly says what it is doing while entering MID-mode and the last thing it writes is to disable location service or so. But, this is NOT mentioned in the description of MID-mode under the button ;-) I wonder, can one somehow configure WHAT exactly MID-mode does or this is hard-coded? Just in case I put BCN in the list of non-sleeping apps.


  • Nathan

    1. Zendesk. I am very sorry for that inconvenience.

    2. That is correct. They are not very honest or open about what the mode actually does.

    I don't think you can configure what the mode does. I believe, though, that you will get most of the benefits and more by putting device in airplane mode.


    Samsung Galaxy 10+ plus, android version 10, Settings, search for "special access", Optimize battery usage, change the pull down to "All", uncheck BCN.

    Also try, in Special Access, Allow app while data saver on, enable BCN.


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